Utility providers

Toonimo helps utilities providers by providing a self service platform for your users, cutting your costs and increasing your revenues

Boost your loyalty and user experience by letting Toonimo lead the way, by giving and unforgettable interactive experience

Assists utility providers to simplify the experience within the funnel, while ensuring the customer experience is high along with increasing customer loyalty.
Reasons why customers choose toonimo
IEC (Israel Electric Company)
Toonimo walks the user through paying their electric bill as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. Making sure the user experience is at its highest.
Toonimo acts as an engagement platform to visitors and users offering them invitations for surveys and complex pages overviews.
Toonimo guides the user within a certain area in the funnel to make sure they are able to sign up correctly. While explaining the page itself, thus increasing the conversions rate and customer loyalty.

Support your clients anywhere and anytime

Increase customer experience
Increase website conversions
Guide users through online payments
Making self-service as easy as possible
Decrease customer service costs
Enable customers to easily guide themselves across your digital channel
Increase customer loyalty
Enhance the web user experience and drive return visits with digital navigation
Toonimo doesn’t only guide your users but also teaches them how to complete the funnel properly by implementing our one of a kind interactive walkthroughs