Enable your online web users to benefit from a service-oriented approach for all their travel needs

Help hospitality and tourism service providers to better engage visitors
and assist visitors in online booking

With Toonimo’s humanized digital walkthroughs, travel enterprises encourage adoption of digital channels for all customer needs from booking to reservations to commonly asked questions. The SaaS platform breaks down the overwhelming sea of information online users are faced with by personalizing the digital user experience.
Reasons why customers choose toonimo
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Toonimo simplify the users' navigation through the platform, while helping them find a doctor or a specific hospital location. Toonimo also assists the internal platform by providing onboarding walkthroughs to the employees.
Toonimo has been assisting with the onboarding experience for all users. We want to make sure the users know how to navigate through the funnel properly while explaining how to best use the system.
Toonimo is helping with the signup procedure making sure it goes as smooth as possible. Toonimo also assists in the onboarding experience and making the platform intuitive and accessible for all users.

Extend a personalized service oriented approach to online travel site visitors

Break down the sea of information
Help users digest information by breaking down their travel and itinerary options
Explain travel options as if someone was sitting next to your online users
Implement digital walkthroughs for a personalized touch tailored to each digital user
Market multiple travel options
Share complete travel option offerings with personalized digital walkthroughs
Increase website conversions
Guide users through online purchases for travel
Increase customer satisfaction
Provide quick answers to customer questions and concerns
Achieve differentiation for your digital channel
Stand out from the rest by better servicing your online customers
Break down the sea of information on websites, itineraries and reservation systems and add a rich digital overlay to help users navigate through your site.