Create an improved customer journey and user experience for your telecommunication customers

Help Telco providers to better engage, increase self-service
and improve the online web user-experience

Toonimo helps telecom enterprises drive user adoption, promote self-service and reduce customer support costs. Enable your users to seamlessly self-service across your digital channel without exhausting call center and live chat support channels.
Guide users through all customer interactions including purchase of devices and services, customer log in, statement review and more.
success in numbers
Q-Link Wireless
Toonimo is guiding the users in receiving government benefits when it comes to subsidized cell phones. Making sure the experience is quick and easy to complete.
Toonimo acts as an engagement platform to visitors and users offering them invitations for surveys and complex pages overviews.
Toonimo guides the users within a certain area in the funnel to make sure they are able to sign up correctly. While explaining the page itself, thus increasing the conversions rate and customer loyalty.

Promote an in-store service oriented approach for all telecommunication customer needs

Provide personalized guidance across your digital channel
Service each customer with a personal service oriented touch
Create a humanized in-store experience
Allow users to feel as if they are in one of your stores by providing personal assistance on any and all matters from device purchase to bill paying
Drive self-service across your digital channel
Save customers time and effort to get questions answered by providing a humanized help channel
Ensure seamless integration with all customer support channels
Integrate all service channels into a holistic customer journey with chat, phone support and humanized digital walkthroughs
Drive service orientation of your brand
Enable your worldwide telecommunication customers to gain user friendly access to support
Increase customer loyalty
Gain praises from your customer base by providing them with an improved user experience for online purchases, bill payments and services
Extend an in-store experience to telecommunication customers that promotes customer loyalty and service