Toonimo assists insurance companies by explaining to their customers which is the best plan for them and why. Leave it up to the professionals to help you make the right choice

Toonimo increases the users' knowledge and understanding of the products by presenting them the options, while ensuring the sign up is as smooth as possible

Toonimo helps insurance providers not only in training of its agents, but also by making sure the users get to make the most informed decisions by supplying them with all the information they need, creating a very high level of trust and loyalty.
why choose toonimo
Toonimo helps increase online conversions by registering agents for InsuranceQuotes (a Bankrate company). Sharing relevant information on products and help agents make conscious decisions throughout the funnels.
Insurance ProShop
is the largest trainer of insurance agents in North America.
Toonimo ensures that the proper information is given to the potential agents so they are able to create a thriving prosperous carrier, whiling making sure the clients needs come first.
Toonimo guides the users through the numerous steps for online registration, making sure the users experience is a smooth and easy and possible. Toonimo's on-premise solution is deployed to achieve an enterprise grade security installation

Bring a human service to the digital world

Increases loyalty & trust
Enhance the web user experience and drive return visits with digital navigation
Decrease in customer support costs
Enable customers to easily guide themselves across your digital channel
Making self service easy and reliable
Help your users to easily navigate and make conscious decisions in your funnels
Increase in conversions
Due to a more intuitive step-by-step guidance, a higher completion rate of your funnels is achieved
Toonimo propels the insurance industry into the 21st century by making sure they have the best online customer based service as possible