Toonimo makes sure your users can navigate through the funnels by receiving an interactive audio-visual explanation of the most difficult sections, ensuring happy users. This is also accomplished by giving onboarding or training for specific functions that need further explanation

Helps personalize the health care service industry,
while guiding you throughout the journey

Toonimo assist’s the healthcare & health service providers to engage their users in a simplified online experience, while lowering customer service cost and increasing loyalty.
Reasons why customers choose toonimo
Childrens’ Hospital of Wisconsin
Toonimo simplify the users' navigation through the platform, while helping them find a doctor or a specific hospital location. Toonimo also assists the internal platform by providing onboarding walkthroughs to the employees.
Toonimo has been assisting with the onboarding experience for all users. We want to make sure the users know how to navigate through the funnel properly while explaining how to best use the system.
Toonimo is helping with the signup procedure making sure it goes as smooth as possible. Toonimo also assists in the onboarding experience and making the platform intuitive and accessible for all users.

Bring a human service to the digital world

Increase user engagement
Add human voice and annotations for an improved user experience
Simplify user experience
Allow your users and visitors to benefit from a personalized undersandable experience
Decrease customer service cost
Enable customers to easily guide themselves across your digital channel
Increase customer loyalty
Enhance the web user experience and drive return visits with digital navigation

Success Stories

Thanks to Toonimo we can help our visitors navigate the site, find their objectives, complete complex processes and better use our platform
Humanize the learning process by integrating Toonimo within your funnel, taking the health care industry to the next generation