Financial services

Provide your customers with a seamless online customer journey

Help financial services increase user satisfaction
with a better customer experience

Toonimo helps financial organizations to improve user engagement and digital adoption.
First time users and returning customers are navigated through the digital channel according to their needs.
success in numbers
Toonimo has been assisting with the onboarding experience for all users. Toonimo makes the online navigation simple by splitting the funnel into easy understandable sections.
Toonimo guides the users through the online registration, making sure the users experience is a smooth and easy and possible. Toonimo's on-premise solution is deployed to achieve an enterprise grade security installation
i Trader
Toonimo has been assisting with the online registration, deposit pages and other complex touch points, Toonimo help improved the overall website conversion in 15%.

Drive seamless adoption of your online channel and provide information for your banking and financial services customers

Provide personalized service for banking and or financial services customers
Use your digital channel as a service platform for online users
Improve user satisfaction
Drive adoption of your online channel and make it easy for users to navigate through your site
Reduce customer support costs
Enable online users to self serve themselves with humanized digital walkthroughs
Lower customer churn and attrition
Improve the user experience and enable your website users to easily perform actions online
Increase customer productivity
Provide your end users with guidance and allow them to easily perform online actions
Answer common inquiries
Empower end users with personalized digital walkthroughs that answer common questions
Extend a personalized user experience to your online financial services customers