Toonimo works with all educational institutions to sign up potential students at a quicker pace while guiding them through the process, step by step. Toonimo can also train the professionals on the back end of the system in no time.

Helps all educational institutions to ensure the user receives the best user experience

Increases registration by guiding users through those pesky funnels.
We also provide onboarding for faculty within the internal system; this ensures both students and professionals get the very best.
success in numbers
Insurance ProShop
is the largest trainer of insurance agents in North America.
Toonimo ensures that the proper information is given to the potential agents so they are able to create a thriving prosperous carrier, whiling making sure the clients needs come first.
Universal Accounting
Toonimo provides the users all the information needed to make an informed decision when it comes to picking the correct accounting courses.
We guide the users to the registration and ensure that they have the full picture before signing up.
Toonimo guides the users through the numerous steps of online registration, log in, supporting clients online, highlight certain online courses and making sure the users online experience is a smooth and easy as possible.

Bring a human service to the digital world

Increase customer loyalty
Enhance the web user experience and drive return visits with digital navigation
Simplify user experience
Allow your users and visitors to benefit from a personalized undersandable experience
Increase conversions and funnel registration
Due to a more intuitive step-by-step guidance, a higher completion rate of your funnels is achieved
Decrease customer service cost
Enable customers to easily guide themselves across your digital channel
Increases websites usability
Split your website into easy to understand pieces and help simplify your goals
Personalize and simply your funnel for all students, potential students and staff alike