Ecommerce & Retail

Drive customer conversions and personalize the online customer journey with digital walkthroughs

Build client's independence & confidence
through a system of engagement

Toonimo’s digital guidance platform enables ecommerce and omni-channel retail enterprises to encourage adoption of digital channels and promote self-service. Align your offline and online brand messaging while catering to online shoppers with a guided unified approach that allows for online visitors to easily navigate across your digital channel.
success in numbers
JVL Jewelry
Increase in sales
Grace’s Best Cookies
Increase in user engagement

Extend an in-store service experience to your digital channel

Increase user engagement
Add human voice and annotations for an improved user experience
Promote self-service and an in-store experience
Allow online shoppers to benefit from a personalized in-store experience
Encourage visitors deeper into your site
Guide and navigate users through the online shopping experience
Present offers & showcase products
Create attention around important updates and share offers with customers
Improve customer support
Enable customers to easily guide themselves across your digital channel
Increase customer loyalty
Enhance the web user experience and drive return visits with digital navigation

Success Stories

Thanks to Toonimo we can help our visitors navigate the site and convert more
Humanize your digital channel and improve the customer journey